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SIA has always been aware that the airline industry is cyclical and passenger/cargo slumps can occur with very little notice. The use of superior service to passengers has been consistently used to acquire a strong market share, though other reasons could include their flexible organisational structure which enables fast responses to unexpected crises(35). By focusing its cost saving efforts on the business unit level, SIA has been able to increase both cost savings and profitability long term. SIA continue committed to passenger service, however - SIA Chairman S Dhanabalan said in 1997 that

"We are constantly reviewing procedures and training methods ... that when people fly, SIA will be the preferred airline(36)".

Further Reading

    The Quest for Global Quality: A Manifestation of Total Quality Management by Singapore Airlines
by Wee Yong Yeong, Zeph Yun Chang, Lawrence Loh

ISBN: 0201420872, Hardcover - £32.99 BUY

Not-so-hot title, excellent book....

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