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This report uses a 1996 case study by Robert Johnston (Professor in Operations Management, Warwick Business School, UK) as foundation material to evaluate aspects of Singapore Airlines (SIA), specifically:


The publication date of this report is December 2001. Source material will be used which was published after the date specifications noted above, as illustrations of more general points.

Background Information

Singapore Airlines (SIA) ("the Group) is a limited company (majority shareholder is the Singapore Government) which consists of the airline itself ("the Company") and 25 subsidiary companies. There are 29 associated companies in which the Group has shares(1).

The principal activities of the Group and Company are(1):

The Company was formally set up in 1972(2) as a national airline, following the dissolution of Malaysia- Singapore Airlines. Currently (March 2000), the airline has 97 aircraft in operation (plus 63 confirmed on order and 55 on option)(1) and operates 624 weekly passenger flights from Singapore. The Group's route network (including subsidiaries SilkAir and cargo) covers 91 destinations in 40 countries.

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