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This bookshelf listing shows a few of the books I've read (or re-read) recently, which I found both useful and interesting. I've concentrated on quality books and I've tried to give my feelings about the book and why I want to keep it on my bookshelf. I have very little spare room, so any quality book I have has to work for its living!

A reviewer doesn't just work in isolation, though. So, reader, if you enjoyed reading these reviews - or, more especially, if you didn't - please let me know. I can't promise to comply with your suggestions, or even to agree with them, but if the use of quality and the reviewing of quality books implies a certain continuous improvement element, as I believe it does, then any ideas on how to improve this process would be most welcome.

click here to buy A Practical Approach to Quality Control   A Practical Approach to Quality Control - Rowland Caplen
Caplen is reliable. The author takes the reader by the hand - it's like a one:one series of personal tutorials where the subjects are explained carefully and concisely - which makes sense when you remember that the author lectured in quality and reliability at Hatfield Polytechnic before going freelance. It's a good, steady book.
ISBN: 0091735815, Paperback - 11.19
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click here to buy A History of Managing for Quality   A History of Managing for Quality: The Evolution,Trends and Future Directions of Managing for Quality - J.M. Juran (Editor)
This book is fun - a pot-pourri of articles about the history of quality in different countries at different times. Some articles are predictable - quality in the United States, in Japan, in the United Kingdom, but others relate to subjects like Ancient Rome or Czech beer or clocks or Scandinavian shipbuilding. It's the ideal coffee table book to dip in and out of.
ISBN: 0873893417, Hardcover - 56.00
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click here to buy Zero Quality Control   Zero Quality Control: Source Inspection and the Poka-yoke System - Shigeo Shingo
If ever you've been tired or stressed or rushed at work, you need poka-yokes to make sure you don't make the type of silly mistakes which can be made in an instant and which seem to take forever to correct. Shingo Shingo explains clearly how to use and implement mistake-proofing devices and proposes techniques which will contribute towards zero defects.
ISBN: 1563270471, Hardcover - 46.56
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