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I started working in quality as a Civil Servant involved with primary care audits, and that was over 20 years ago. Since then, I've used quality techniques as a way of producing order from total chaos in a range of companies from a tiny auctioneer and a slightly larger web development company to a multinational. My preferred quality tool is 5S (because it is easy to understand, inexpensive and can show measurable results quickly), but I've also been involved with quality standards such as Investors in People or the Business Excellence Model and use quality techniques such as poka-yoke, checklists, kanban and interpretation of statistics routinely.

The use of 5S as a model for implementing quality in small businesses was the subject of my MSc dissertation in Quality and Business Excellence, which I gained last year. I'm a member of the the UK Institute of Quality Assurance and do publicity work for the East of Scotland branch as a committee member; I'm also in the American Society of Quality where, apart from being a member, I'm a book reviewer.

My main area of interest is introducing quality to small businesses and using quality techniques to set up processes which will make it easier to do things right than to do things wrong. I like everything to be as simple and easy to understand as possible. Having been involved in a continuous improvement atmosphere throughout my working life, I believe that anyone and everyone can do a little to improve their own jobs, which will ultimately help to improve the product and help to create a motivated and empowered working force for the whole of the company.

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